Frequently asked questions


The SIM card isn’t working?

Make sure that there SIM card is in GSM network, not CDMA. Ensure that the hub is off when inserting the SIM card. After you inserted SIM card and turned the hub on again, the indicator will flash for network searching. It will turn off when the GSM is connected. If the GSM signal is abnormal, try replacing the SIM card or operating place.

Are Seed Alarm’s sensors compatible with other alarm systems?

Sorry, no, wireless codes vary for different alarm systems from different manufacturers.

I didn’t arm the alarm system, why is my alarm going off?

Under emergency situations such as, pressing the panic button, smoke detection, and water detection your alarm can be set off whether or not your base station is armed.

What is entry and exit delay?

Entry delay is the length time you can disarm the system without triggering sensors after entering home. Exit delay is the length of time you can leave your home before the system arms.

How many zones does Seed Alarm’s system support?

The system supports 32pcs wireless sensors, one sensor one zone, totally 32 zones. The first connected accessories is in zone 1, the second is in zone 2, and so on.

What is the minimum order?

For custom packages, the minimum order is two products.

What is the return policy?

How much does shipping cost?


Why is my PIR sensor not working?

Make sure the battery is installed properly. PIR motion detector detects every 5 seconds in the first 60 minutes after loading the battery. After the first hour, the sensor enters a power-saving mode. While under power saving mode, it detects every 3 minutes. Note: Detection stops when placed in an area with continuous movement, the next detection will begin once continuous movement stops.

Why is the PIR motion sensor triggering false alarms?

When installing your PIR sensor ensure that it’s not placed near a window, oven, air conditioner, or any other home appliance that opens. Please adjust the PIR motions sensor at an angle to avoid false alarms triggered by your pets.

I lost one of my sensors. Do I need to clear all accessories and pair them again for the new sensor?

Yes, for safety, it is highly recommended to clear and pair all accessories again.

I broke one of my sensors. Do I need to clear all accessories and pair them again for the new sensor?

No, the new sensor can be added in sequence.

How can I distinguish my different sensors?

You can edit the name of your devices through SMS, after renaming you’ll receive a text confirmation of your new label.

Base Station

Why can’t I disarm my solar powered alarm through SMS?

Make sure your SIM card has sufficient memory and your device is not in low battery mode. Your solar powered alarm will automatically go in power-saving mode if your bas station is under 40%. Setup by SMS and free phone calls will not work when your device is in power saving mode.

Why does my GSM Alarm Host keep flashing?

The Base Station is searching for a network. After connecting to a GSM network the flashing will stop.

Does the Solar Powered Base Station work during the snowy season?

Yes, however arm and disarm by SMS and by phone call will not work if it has been snowing for 4-5 days. Low battery warning SMS “Main Unit Low Battery” will be sent to your account. Once your base station reaches 40% it is automatically placed in power-saving mode.