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Window/ Door Sensor

$7.50/ ea

window_door senser浅灰.png

Protect additional windows and doors that may become accessible to intruders.

浅灰Motion senser_PIR senser.png

PIR Motion Sensor

Great for Retail Store, PIR motion sensors cover the whole entrance. 

$11.99/ ea

 Motion Sensor

$11.99/ ea

浅灰Motion senser_PIR senser.png

Great for rooms with lots of windows, motion sensors cover an entire room. Works great with pets up to 50 lbs.

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This smoke detector will sound its own internal siren & trigger a full-blown security system alarm.

$6.50/ ea

When the smoke Detector alarms. Loud system-wide sirens jolt you awake and out of the house.

fire senser浅灰.png

Fire Sensor

Simple, clean, traditional

$6.99/ ea

Includes a stake for easy display in the front of your home.